The #windows channel

Channel Guidelines

Be polite, be factual, be constructive, and stay on topic.

If you honestly try to meet these expectations, regardless of perceived provocation, you’ll probably do well. And by the way: “just joking” is never an accepted reason for disregarding these standards.

Please consider these to be your #windows channel participation guideline/philosophy/ruleset.

As of 2008, we’ve decided to simplify things by breaking the rest of our channel guidelines down into several shorter pages:

Help guidelines.

Helping with currently supported versions of Windows is our primary mission on this channel. These guidelines make it more pleasant to give or get help in our channel.

Debate guidelines.

Debating Windows suitability to task is a time honored tradition in #windows. But please read and heed these guidelines if you want to participate, OK? We’re not here to rant at.

Topic guidelines.

We want to keep the channel on track and useful. Here are some do’s and don’ts for staying on-topic.

Why on-topic.

The short answer is, we tried things that way, and it did not work well. So we changed to something that works better.


There is no warranty. Members are not obligated to help, and all solutions and answers are provided “as-is”.